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BMW of Escondido has always led in customer satisfaction. From our highly trained client advisors in the sales department, to those who work on more than 15,000 vehicles a year in San Diego’s premiere service center, we know we are doing the job right when we receive customer feedback like this gem from Michael.

“You, Tom, your Dad and family overall are enthusiasts. When you drove the AMG that we traded in last week, Connor and I were impressed how well you drove it, knowing when to engage the paddle shift at the perfect time. I can’t drive like that. We were both so impressed and this is a lasting memory that is very positive. You know how to drive like a car racer. Period. I see this “love of the brand and business” permeate down the ranks. Peter, you and Tom have this in your business DNA, and it has a trickle down effect.” – Michael Begovich

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