Join the BMW Car Club

Owning a BMW will introduce you to an new world of car enthusiasts, with BMW ranked as one of the most recognizable performance symbols on the road today.

This is why we are advocates for the BMW Car Club, and proud supporters of their endeavors. From cars and coffees to track days, car meets and rallies, we’re here to make sure that we are their dealer of choice and have taken care of many purchases from home delivery to European Delivery. We even won the Outstanding BMW Dealer Award for 2018, because of our dedication.

Check out the available BMW Car Club Rebates available upon purchase for members, with updated offers listed on the BMW CCA website. Let us help you sign up for additional member benefits, including a 15% discount off OEM parts and an introduction to the San Diego BMW CCA Chapter.

How to sign up for a BMW Car Club Membership:

  1. Head over to
  2. Choose the 3 Year Membership to be eligible for the vehicle rebates
  3. Enjoy numerous benefits and events with the San Diego BMW CCA Chapter!

Our racing roots run deep, and we look forward to seeing you at an event soon!