The Coronavirus Crisis and Your BMW Car Care

April 10th, 2020 by

We’ve had some unique challenges and opportunities in the last few weeks that have shown our service team two things:

  1. We have amazing customers that take time to really care for their cars.
  2. We have a great team that will adapt when things are not business as usual.

From putting in cleaning and sanitation protocols to setting up vehicle pickups and dropoffs, we know this time feels different for everyone. 

One of our favorite moments was a doctor that worked up the street at Palomar Health dropped his car off for service early one morning. For him, he was ending a long shift of keeping people optimistic during this wearing time. He pulled in wearing fresh scrubs, and before handing the car over to us for scheduled maintenance he sanitized the interior of his car and eased our minds about what for us feels like a huge unknown. We took him home, got the work done, and picked him up the next day to hand over a clean bill of health. Sometimes we get opportunities to help the people that know how to help us best, and this was one of those moments. 

While it is widely known that we will pick up and drop off your BMW for service, we want to take a moment and discuss the dangers of the Coronavirus Crisis on your car.

What happens to your car if you let it sit?

You should never let your car go for a month without starting it. Right now we are on week three of mandated isolation. If you are an essential worker, you are allowed to use your car to go between work and home, but if you are not, you are most likely using services like Shipt and Instacart to have groceries delivered to your home, minimizing your risk from Covid-19 in public spaces. If that’s the case, you must remember to start your car ever week. If not, you can experience:

  • Your gaskets and seals can begin to crack, causes lubrication leaks.
  • Your car’s battery can become drained, either calling for a replacement or a jump upon start.
  • Your gas can become like gel from sitting.
  • Your oil can destabilize and wreak havoc on your engine.

Just starting your car once a week can help you avoid potential danger and damages.

We can help you maintain your car.

While starting your car and gently driving it around the block a few times can dramatically decrease the damage of a sitting car, your best course of action during an extended driving absence is allowing a BMW certified shop care for your car. If you are going to be under quarantine, allow us to car for you and your vehicle by scheduling service, allow us to pick up and drop off your car, fully maintaining your car as well as sanitizing it for safety. We will do this within 20 miles of our Escondido shop, with absolutely zero hassle. That way your car is kept in pristine condition, and your mind can rest at ease knowing your investment is well taken care of by a dealership that care about you and your family.

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