Electric Incentives and iPerformance


Premium Electric.

We like electricity, and we like what BMW has done with it. With a great lineup of iPerformance models, we have something for everyone. 

Free charging? Yes.
Eligible BMW i3 owners enjoy 24 months of no-cost charging sessions at EVgo stations. Click here for more info about the EVgo promotion.

What do I need to charge my new electrified BMW?
The charging network in San Diego is expanding! With that said, you will want to explore charging options from the convenience of home. We're ready to help you with that; we have charging stations in-stock, as well as installed examples here at the dealership to show you from start to finish how everything works together.

HOV Lane Access
The BMW i3 qualifies for either the green or white HOV decal depending on the model, while the BMW 530e qualifies for the green decal.

State and Federal Incentives
If you're curious about what rebates are out there, check out the links below. In some cases, BMW can provide these rebates up front to simplify the purchase.
Federal Tax Credits Information

Plug In America
Our dealership and select advisers are certified with Plug In America, a facet of SDG&E's electric vehicle education program. Check it out here:

The links above are provided as a way to get you the most current information, as we want all our customers to be educated in their purchase decision. If you have specific questions at time of purchase, we will be happy to answer them. Regarding rebates, we recommend you speak with your tax adviser.