Our Employee Spotlight is on Sales Manager Peter Brecht

October 20th, 2020 by

Here’s the thing: there’s no way Peter Brecht would ever agree to be the employee spotlight for October. In his mind, it’s always about another employee. From the techs at the MINI and BMW Service Center, to the parts department and floor client advisors. While Peter is laser-focused on improving store results, he’s always considering each employee and how to maximize their performance. That’s why this employee spotlight is about him; because it’s never about him. 

Peter Brecht thinks the best of every employee. 

No matter if you are a MINI or BMW Genius or a car washer, Peter considers who you are and thinks of new ways to maximize your performance. If there is growth potential and you desire a vertical shift, he will consider the path and align it with your skills and strengths. If climbing the corporate ladder is not for you, he will consider your current station and create a culture where you can thrive where you’re at. His mantra is to consider every employee as equally valuable and a part of the team, and then set them loose to have fun doing what they love. 

Peter Brecht understands the car business. 

While growing up a Brecht certainly helps, it’s not enough to get the job done right. He has had to earn the right to be heard, from every employee. It’s something every good executive considers, but something Peter spends more time on as a Brecht and a part of the sales management team alongside Vito Ballestrasse. He’s helped shift BMW and MINI of Escondido during this season into a digital powerhouse, leading to more sales and service appointments than ever before, creating a culture of excellence by providing top-shelf service for both sales and service. If you can grow your business through a pandemic, then you can go big after. 

Peter Brecht wants to work with you. 

This is two-fold: he really wants to work alongside his employees to make sure the job gets done right and their family is happy, as well as a call to come work for him at BMW or MINI of Escondido. When you hear people say something like, “This place is really about family,” they really mean it. It’s family through and through. Part of that is because it is the only family-owned and operated dealership in downtown Escondido, and part of it is because it’s just a part of his nature to see you happy, healthy, and whole. That’s the person you want to work for, and the leader you want to work with. 

If you want to work with someone that thinks the best of every employee, with someone who understands the car business, and with a leader who wants to work with you, then consider applying for a new career at BMW and MINI of Escondido.

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