BMW of Escondido is the San Diego Electric Vehicle Leader

December 31st, 2021 by

From the new 2022 BMW i4 and BMW iX, to the BMW Plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) X Series and electrified 3, 5, and 7 Series models, BMW of Escondido is San Diego’s leader in electric vehicles. 

The crazy thing is: we’re just getting started!

BMW has always been known for making beautiful cars that cause the Jones’ to long for what you have. We’ve been the luxury car standard for decades, and even if you don’t have one in your driveway, you know it. But what’s really getting us fired up is that our electric future is happening… fast! We’ve gone from rumors to production in a matter of years, and now we are looking at our first two fully electric midsize and fullsize vehicles in the 2022 BMW iX SAV and the 2022 BMW i4 midsize sedan.

If you’ve been following us for the past two years, you know we are all over the exciting electric vehicle (EV)  market and have a few on pre-order for ourselves at the dealer. We know these are not just game-changers for the luxury market, but also game-changers for the car buying market as well. While the Tesla has been around for years, the market has been looking for something more, something more refined and luxurious; like a car they’re used to, but better. While we’re fans of Tesla and how they’ve produced a car that’s both affordable and has an extended range on a single charge, we’ve never liked the fact that after the newness factor wears off, it’s just a rather plain box with large spacing issues throughout the trim and a terrible service record (we know, we’ve been guilty of a serious service record too; the early 2000s were something else). The BMW i4 is going to slide right in and overcome the Tesla 3 and Tesla Y, while the BMW iX is the new full-size X factor that is a premium compared to the Tesla X. 

BMW is Different than the Other Luxury Makers

While we are certain we know our electric vehicles are going to lead the luxury EV market, we know that what sets us apart from a growing crowded market is the fact that all our vehicles are moving to a more sustainable future. This differentiates us from others like Mercedes-Benz who have completely different platforms for their gas-powered and electric vehicles. For example, Mercedes has their gas-powered C-Class on the MRA platform, which is on a completely different platform than their electric vehicle MEA platform, and the new electric MRA platform coming in 2024 for compact cars. While a dedicated platform seems reasonable, it constricts the factory’s output and puts rigorous demands on the production line that just doesn’t need to exist. In this, BMW has found the solution: every vehicle platform can be one of three things: gas-powered, hybrid, or all-electric. This helps us reduce waste and spend, lower our environmental impact, and produce the car you want on the platform you want, in a much shorter time. 

As our lineup of fully electric vehicles continues to grow, our lineup of plug-in hybrid vehicles will grow as well. We’ve committed to a new standard of an electric capable lineup by 2025 and are already moving that direction. Our 2021 BMW PHEV lineup is substantial, ranging from the BMW 330e and 330e xDrive Sedan with 288 hp, the BMW 530e and 530e xDrive Sedan with a range of about 330 miles, the ever luxurious ride of the BMW 745e xDrive Sedan, to the incomparable BMW X5 xDrive 45e Sports Activity Vehicle® that blasts off 0-60mph in just over five seconds (5.3s). 

With both an electric motor and a gasoline engine, you get the best of both worlds: Pure electric for day-to-day driving, plus a powerful gasoline engine for longer trips. In other words, BMW Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles can be fully electric, fully gasoline or a thrilling combination of both.  During stop-and-go-driving, around town and on your daily commute, the gasoline engine may never start when in electric mode. You can even drive in pure EV mode at highway speeds. And for stronger acceleration, the electric motor can boost the gasoline engine for impressive performance from a stop or when merging into traffic.

“With available federal tax credits* and local incentives, not to mention saving on fuel, your overall ownership costs can be much lower than with a similar gasoline-powered vehicle. You even have the peace of mind of an 8-year/80,000-mile limited warranty on the PHEV battery.** You can also save on time since in California, your BMW PHEV is eligible for HOV lane access with a single occupant.” BMW 2021 PHEV WR

Have You Seen What BMW Has in Store?

If you listen to rumors and watch what leaks online, then you know that BMW is currently working on the new BMW 7 Series and the brand new BMW i7, with a completely different form factor. We’ve seen the gas-powered and fully wrapped spy shots of the BMW 7 Series and official footage of the i7 prototype, so it’s only a matter of time before everything becomes official. That means the historical 7 Series will be the flagship that leads luxury into a new category all on its own. Once that hits the M model, it’s all over and BMW will once again claim the best electric car this side of the ocean. 

Remember us talking about the 2022 BMW iX? Well, the iX is getting an upgrade, already. The current sold out pre-order BMW iX xDrive50 is a power-hungry all-wheel drive machine that goes 0-60 in a little over four seconds (4.4s) with a 324 mile range per full charge. We know that the 516 horsepower is industry leading for its class, but what’s coming is a beast on a whole other level. BMW is currently working on the updated iX with the BMW iX M60 dual-motor setup that will produce a combined 611hp and peak out below 4 seconds on its 0-60mph time. This is both faster than the current model iX and the BMW i4 M50. 

If you have any questions, start asking them now! Our electric vehicle production is ramping up and pre-orders consistently sell out in a matter of days. While openings for new pre-orders happen about every quarter, each time the window opens, it pushes the delivery date out a few quarters. That means if you wait to pre-order, then you may end up waiting over a year to take delivery of your new car or SAV. Start thinking about it now and make a wise decision for your future, and while you’re at it, have a little fun with it


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