We’re Supporting Waves for Water

March 4th, 2019 by

Take a moment and consider all the roles water plays in your life. You drink it, sweat it, clean with it, make your coffee with it, swim in it. We are blessed that we can buy bottles of the clear liquid, and can trust the water coming out of our home faucets.


There are places in the world where water is sourced differently, and getting a glass can be a challenge. Populated deserts and areas hit by natural disaster, sometimes places we or close friends and family call home. 


Waves for Water has a mission to get clean water to every person who needs it, and they work tirelessly on the front lines distributing water filters, digging and renovating wells, and constructing rainwater storage systems worldwide.


For every vehicle we sell, we will be donating funds to support this cause. If we’ve piqued your interest, check out the links below for more information.


Learn More: http://www.wavesforwater.org/
Donate on your own: http://www.care4water.org/


Peter Brecht
BMW | MINI of Escondido


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