About the BMW of Escondido Collision Center

January 12th, 2021 by

Our service center is San Diego’s shop, servicing more than 15,000 vehicles a year. But did you know our collision center is San Diego’s highest rated?

Most of us will do anything to avoid talking about work when we aren’t at work. To our team here, though, we are creatures of extreme habit and cars are everywhere that need TLC in some form or another. And because life happens, accidents happen, shopping carts happen and wheels get scraped, this is what friends ask us about on football Sundays: 

We don’t spend money on advertising.

Except for this website and some social media clicks, our business runs off of referrals. This means we are going to be in the shop getting your car back to normal. Edmunds has the right idea when it comes to this, too.

We aren’t a Direct Repair Facility, which is actually a good thing for your BMW or MINI.

This is the big one. Almost all body shops get their business from solely from insurance claims, using “white box” auto parts. As a Certified BMW and MINI Certified Center, we use exact parts and have the right tools and working knowledge to stand behind what we do 100%. The proof is in the KBB value, since you don’t have to check off aftermarket parts.

We take you out of the insurance conversation as much as possible.

Working on highline brands gives us the perspective that you should get a professional experience, and we know insurance companies can be tough to deal with sometimes. We work with all of them, so you don’t have to.

We work with incredible people.

It’s hard to find professionals that know how to match the color and metal flake of your paint perfectly every time. We have incredible people working their dream job — they are passionate car enthusiasts, and love each brand of car for the unique designs.

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