BMW and the All-Electric and Hybrid Wave Future

Not to be outdone, BMW has their own response to the upcoming launch of the all-electric MINI SE. With three comparable vehicles of their own, BMW is making sure that their cars stay at the top of your mind, and in front of their competition. 

While the MINI SE is “the best value-based electric vehicle on the market”, costing less than the comparably equipped Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, Fiat 500e, and Tesla 3, BMW is responding in kind with an updated i3 with extended battery range, an all-new 330e plug-in hybrid, and the upcoming and completely mind-blowing iX3 Electric Crossover that sets the stage for the i4 and iNEXT series coming in the near future. As more and more brands roll out green cars for the future and now, BMW is ensuring their place at the top of the luxury car market. 

What is the competition like in the all-electric and hybrid market? 

As we roll over the calendar and enter 2020 with a fresh perspective on the marketplace, we want to highlight a few of the more popular cars that are rising to the top in the growing all-electric and hybrid category. You will note that the 2020 iX3 is not featured, as that model’s price has not been announced yet by BMW USA. When it is announced, we will update the chart below with its inclusion, as well as its paired federal and state rebates. 

Model Base MSRP Tax Credit Final MSRP
MINI SE $29990 $7500 $22490
Prius Prime $27750 $4500 $23250
Tesla 3 $39990 $7500 $32490
BMW i3 $44450 $7500 $36950
BMW 330e $46000 $4000 $42000
Mercedes GLC 350e $50650 $4000 $46650
BMW iX3 $TBD $7500 $TBD

While the MINI shines brighter at a lower price point compared to the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf, the BMW i3 and 330e fits in comparably with the Tesla 3 series. In the end, you are going to have to ask yourself five questions in order to determine which car is right for you: 

  1. What kind of range do I want my vehicle to have? 
  2. What is my cap for costs?
  3. What kind of driving experience do I desire?
  4. Is the price difference between all-electric and hybrid worth it for me?
  5. How much cabin and storage space am I looking for? 

Only you know what’s right for you.

If you want a commuter car that doesn’t break the bank, we know that both the MINI SE and the BMW 330e will get you there. We also know that the bank isn’t always the issue; sometimes it is stage of life. You may need more space, and for that the upcoming 2020 iX3 may be the perfect mid-size SUV. You may also be sending off one of your kids to school, and for that, the updated i3 may be right for your student, and with the extended range option, ensure they come home more often. 

If you are new to this conversation, then keep coming back to this article. We will be updating it as 2020 rolls on, more information on models and prices come in to us, and new models are released into the wild. In the meantime, we have a growing inventory of new vehicles with credits up to $4500 through January 2, 2020, and browse our current BMW i3 lease deals. Plus, if you are a USAA member or a part of our North County San Diego military family, we have regular incentives to help get you into the car of your dreams, the right way. 

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