We Will Beat CarMax Appraisals by $500

June 4th, 2020 by

It’s no secret that CarMax takes their time when appraising your car to give you your car’s best value. Their appraisers go through extensive training over several months, and very few end up earning the position. Whether you had your car appraised at CarMax in Murrieta or Escondido, bring your offer to us and let us help you find your next car with us.

3 Series 

The most popular BMW by far, CarMax carries a wide range of 320i, 328i, and 330i models at their locations. If you’re selling one to CarMax, they will likely put it through the paces and make sure all the services have been completed before getting you a final value. While you are getting a proper inspection by a reputable dealer, you’re most likely getting a new car there as well; that means you may end up losing in this deal. 

Let’s put two reasonably equal cars side by side. Assuming their inspections both came back clear, you would expect that their values would be similar in comparison. That is most certainly not the case. Here is a used 2016 328i that is in Ontario, CA and being shipped to Murrieta. Its MSRP is $17,998 plus the usual tax, title, and license fees for a vehicle that has 53k miles. That same model, one year newer and with less than half the miles is available at our dealership for $18,000

If you opted to buy the car at our dealership, you would come out ahead, with an additional $500 on your trade, and San Diego’s premiere service center to go with it. You also wouldn’t have to settle for an older car with double the miles. 


The BMW X3 is one of the best midsize luxury SUV’s (SAV) on the market, and dealers tend to sell out of them quickly. We can assume the same conditions as we did with the 3 Series: both appraisals come back the same. You want a gently driven pre-owned 2019 X3 sDrive 30i. While Kearny Mesa CarMax will show you one that is $29,998, we have multiple around that price, but specifically two available that are the same trims, both of which are Certified Pre-Owned for under $35,000 and four times less mileage. 

We believe so much in our product and process, that we want to help you get into a certified car with less mileage, because we know that it is ultimately the better decision for you and your future. 


Most of the X1 inventory at CarMax currently is 2013-2015 models with higher miles. But let’s just say for a moment that you find your perfect car that’s newer, like this 2016 X1 xDrive28i from CarMax of Murrieta. While you can be reasonably happy with 35k miles and an MSRP of $20,998, you could get the same year and trim that is Certified Pre-Owned at our dealership with less miles for the same price. For only a few thousand more, you could get a newer model with less mileage; this is what happens when you choose a certified BMW dealership over CarMax. 

Your Next Car

CarMax also carries Mercedes, Audi, and Lexus models, all of which we also like to keep in our inventory. But more than making other makes and models available to you, when you shop with our family-owned dealership, we pass along additional rebates and incentives to you, like the rebate from our BMW loyalty program. 

So here’s our offer to you: While the used car market is very competitive and data-driven, we’re happy to provide an additional $500 over any current CarMax value when you trade in.

You deserve the best deal possible and we want to increase our used car inventory.  Let’s work together and get you into the next car of your dreams, today. 

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