Five Ways the Parking Assistance Package Helps You Park

August 13th, 2020 by

BMW’s Parking Assistance Package will calm the mind of even the most experienced drivers. From navigating dark foreboding parking garages, to maneuvering into a tight parallel spot in bustling downtown traffic and ensuring you do not run over your child’s bike they forgot in the driveway, everyone could use a little extra assistance now and then. The robust Parking Assistance Package along with Parking Assistant Plus, Active Park Distance Control, and Rear view Camera can all be had for under $1000, making this suite of options a must have for the price. 

Rear View Camera

BMW’s rear view camera is full-color, crystal clear, in high resolution. When shifting into reverse or pressing the PDC button, it automatically fills the 10.2″ 1440×540 touch display with stunning clarity. To better assist the driver, the system can also provide graphic green lines representing the vehicle’s actual path when backing up. An additional set of red lines is superimposed onto this image to reveal the maximum turning radius. With the Parking Assistance Package you also have the option of wide-screen for front or rear view as well as split screen with your Park Distance Control sensors offering visual and audible alerts when nearly objects in the front or rear of the vehicle.

Active Park Distance Control

BMW’s Park Distance Control (as featured in the new 2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe) helps drivers avoid collisions with unseen obstacles when maneuvering at low speeds. It employs four ultrasonic sensors in the front bumper and four in the rear bumper to warn the driver when the vehicle is approaching objects or obstructions that may not be visible. All forward and rear corner sensors trigger a warning beep at approximately a 2 ft. distance from the object. The beeping becomes faster as the vehicle approaches the obstacle, turning into a constant tone when the distance is less than one foot. PDC automatically activates anytime the ignition is on and reverse gear is engaged, and automatically de-activates when the vehicle is driven forward approximately 164ft. (50 m), or reaches about 18 mph. It can be activated or deactivated by pressing its console button.

Active Park Distance Control (Option ZX1)  takes BMW’s technology a step further. This function augments the familiar PDC’s beep warning by automatically applying emergency braking when the reversing vehicle gets too close to an object behind or at the side of the vehicle when a collision is imminent. Functioning at speeds below about 3 mph, and taking into consideration the vehicle’s path, this helps prevent or minimize vehicle damage in parking maneuvers. The driver can override this function by pressing the accelerator pedal, and thus get close if so desired. Active Park Distance Control as well as Active PDC with Braking can easily be activated or deactivated via the iDrive system.

Back-up Assistant

BMW’s most underrated feature, Back-up Assistant is here to guide you out of the toughest parking situations. To utilize this feature, press your PDC button to the left of the gear selector and select “Back-up Asst” on the screen.  The system has memorized the last 164 ft (50 m) of your path driven forward. After shifting into reverse, your BMW will control steering while you simply maintain a light foot on the brake and watch for potential obstacles.  The feature is advantageous for long winding driveways or backing out of dark and narrow parking spaces.

Parking Assistant Plus

BMW’s Parking Assistant Plus will soothe even the most nervous driver by effortlessly parking for them while utilizing BMW’s Active Park Distance Control. To activate, press the PDC button, conveniently located to the left of the gear selector and start driving.  For optimum functionality keep within 6 ft of the vehicles you would like to park between and remain under 22 mph.  Once your BMW has fully passed a space that is at least 4 ft longer than itself, it will alert you to available parallel and perpendicular parking spots. Simply hold down the PDC button and follow the on screen instructions while your BMW guides itself into the spot of your choice.  This feature is ideal for those learning how to parallel park for the first time or experts that would like to quickly get a feel for the dimensions and corners of the vehicle.

BMW Remote 3D View

In 2017 BMW debuted Remote 3D View on the new BMW 5 Series (G30).  This feature marked a stark upgrade in safety, convenience, and luxury in the automotive world. From anywhere on the globe, you could now snap a full surround-view moveable image of the area around your parked BMW.

BMW’s Remote 3D View is available via Surround View w/ 3D View. Remote 3D View seamlessly combines live images from 4 cameras outside of the vehicle: your rear view camera, your front view camera, and your two side mirror cameras. After logging into the BMW Connected App and “Refreshing the view”, you can then use your fingers to zoom and spin the image to see a large area surrounding your BMW. Screenshots of these images are automatically saved to the BMW Connected App Gallery along with the vehicle’s GPS information at the time Remote 3D View was activated. 

This exclusive BMW feature has created a new type of accessibility when it comes to our vehicles.  As our emotional connection to our cars grew, so did our technological connection. It started years ago with GPS and now here we are with the ability to not only track our BMW’s all over the world but visually ensure the cars we love so much are safe and sound with BMW Remote 3D View. It will give you peace of mind no matter how far away your vehicle may be.

Bonus: Driver Recorder

BMW’s Drive Recorder  allows you to manually or automatically record your vehicle surroundings for up to 40 seconds. You can automatically document critical driving situations, such as an accident, or manually collect memories of scenic routes at the press of a button. If your BMW detects that an accident is taking place, it will automatically start and store a video clip via the cameras of the Driver Assistance systems. To obtain a complete picture of the incident, BMW Drive Recorder records up to 20 seconds before the vehicle comes to a stop as well as the 20 seconds after. While we all hope we never suffer an accident, the protection of video evidence can be the greatest piece of mind. There are no visible wires like aftermarket dashcams, thanks to integrated on-board cameras in the front and rear of the vehicle. Up to 10 videos can be stored in the vehicle and you can export selected video clips to an external USB drive.

We could all use a little help now and then. The BMW Parking Assistance Package makes parking and maneuvering your favorite car as easy as can be. Whether you are tired from a long day and need the extra set of eyes and sensors to protect your car while safely backing up or you want to ensure your BMW is exactly how and where you left it by snapping a remote 3D picture, the Parking Assistance Package will always be there to support you and those around you. And honestly, for the price, why not add a little value and luxury to make your life easier and safer?

Package Option and Codes for Your Personal Build

  • Parking Assistance Package (ZPK)
  • Park Distance Control (ZX7)
  • Active Park Distance Control (ZX1)
  • Parking Assistant Plus (5DN)
  • Surround View w/ 3D View (ZX3)
  • Drive Recorder (6DR) 

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