Our Employee Spotlight on Client Advisor Vincent Robotti

August 21st, 2020 by

Vinnie has been a staple here on staff BMW of Escondido for well over a decade, and I guess you can say we all love him. We enjoy joking that his 13 year old daughter, Alana, scored him his position as she was sleeping in his arms during his initial interview when the sitter cancelled last minute.  Luckily, Vinnie was a perfect fit for BMW of Escondido’s family-first atmosphere. 

Vinnie will always greet you with a smile and a hearty, “Good morning!”

He may even give you a reluctant chuckle with his daily jokes. Years later, his former customers keep coming back for their next vehicle or just to stop by and catch up. To Vinnie, BMW of Escondido is family. When we asked Vinnie why he’s stuck by us through all these years he said that it is because he truly enjoys coming to work, seeing his work family every day. Everyone helps each other to accomplish their goals and it has led to an atmosphere of teamwork and compassion. 

Have you heard the story about Vinnie’s penny?

If Vinnie is your client advisor, there is a unique mommento in it for you: a penny in its own special little box, hidden in your owner’s manual. When Vinnie was a young boy, every time he purchased a new car his mother would take the change out of her purse and toss it in his backseat for good luck. When Vinnie first started selling cars he decided to do the same and would toss a single penny in the back of his clients new vehicles to keep the good luck spreading. The box keeps the penny shiny and ensures it won’t get sucked up by a vacuum cleaner.

Vinnie strives each and every day to build a lasting relationship with the BMW brand as well as our particular store. You can find him on the golf course (losing to his talented daughter) or remodeling his home with his wife. But the best way to contact Vinnie is by giving him a call at (760) 291-2831 or simply stop by our showroom. Make sure you have a joke handy!

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