Our New Electric Vehicles are Sold Out.

October 28th, 2021 by

But it’s not too late for you.

While BMW has sold out of its initial allocation for all new 2022 BMW iX and 2022 BMW i4, there is still time for you to pre-order your preferred choice today.

If the electric future is your future, then you’ve had your eyes set on the all-electric BMW iX SAV and the BMW i4 coupe. We recently reviewed these vehicles on our YouTube, as a part of the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience in downtown San Diego. Both vehicles feature electric motors, curved display, 0-60 MPH times faster and more fun than their gas counterparts, and electric all-wheel drive that feel comparable to the Ultimate Driving Machine’s xDrive.

One of the things we noticed while looking driving both the i4 with energetic coupe design and the large cabin space iX SUV was that the raw materials–though full sustainable using recycled materials in keeping with their eyes on renewable everything–look every bit as luxury as anything you would find in our current gas or hybrid lineup. We see this as the way of our future vehicles, and not just for an electric vehicle. The BMW Group has an a pulse on the planet and we all know that our electric lineup need to drive as good or better than a BMW X4 M Competition, they need to be good on our pocketbook and planet.

That’s where the 300 miles of driving range per charge come into play in a big way. The large battery capacity and fast-charging battery pack mean we can get a full charge overnight, but also a substantial charge in just thirty minutes (90 miles of range in just ten minutes). That means both the iX and the i4 have plenty of power capabilities (all-electric power), with competitive ranges, for the world’s best All-Electric Sports Activity Vehicle and luxury coupe. This gives the BMW Group a competitive advantage over all other automakers, including luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, but also mainstays like Tesla whose craftsmanship has always been more on the suspect side.

If you’re looking for an electric BMW model with an eye on the future, renewable energy, and maximum power, then reserve your BMW iX SAV and BMW i4 Coupe today. And yeah; we said and for a reason.

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