Should you buy a Used, Certified Pre-Owned, or Retired Courtesy Loaner BMW?

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Did you know that you can save thousands of dollars on the retail price of a new BMW by choosing a used, certified pre-owned, or retired loaner? In most cases, the reflected savings start at several thousand dollars and can move all the way past $10,000, like on this Certified Pre-Owned and Courtesy Loaner 2019 BMW X1 sDrive28i. It just may be in your best interest to consider one of our three used categories and determine if a used vehicle is right for you. 

How We Give a Used Car a New Life Giving Cars New Life

We highly value transparency at our dealership. Because it’s a family-owned and operated dealership with both BMW and MINI under one roof, we understand and embrace the fact that our livelihood lives and dies on what people say about our team, our family, and our dealerships. Because of that, we want to let you see under the hood of our used car process, and how we give used cars, new life. 

  1. When we take a car in as a lease return, trade in, or auction purchase, the first thing we do is take it to our certified body shop to inspect any damage on the vehicle. We compare this inspection against the CarFax and other reports we have access to view.
  2. If it passes this inspection, our service department re-conditions the car. We spend an average of $2200 on each car for tires, windshields, batteries, and dent removal, depending on the car’s needs. This is before any additional cost for time and Certification. With all vehicles, all recalls have to be fixed prior to sale. 
  3. After service completes their job, we spend about 5-6 hours to detail the vehicle so it’s ready for a photoshoot and post it online. We process about fifteen to twenty cars per week and vehicles typically sell between ten to forty-five days from the first day we have them. 

Our used vehicles are different from their used cars and SUVs. 

Used cars come in a variety of conditions, depending on the dealer. Used cars may or may not have remaining warranty coverage, and sometimes they only missed one checkbox on the path to Certification. We have dozens of used BMW vehicles, as well as several used vehicles from other brands that have passed our used car inspection.

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Have you considered a certified pre-owned BMW?

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are used cars and SUVs that have passed all BMW Certification tests, have been inspected and reconditioned by the trained BMW technicians that know it best, and the previous owners of the vehicle had to complete all their maintenance at a BMW. Every vehicle has to pass a 196-point inspection with flying colors. 

Before each BMW can receive the distinction of being Certified and fully backed by BMW of North America, LLC they must be thoroughly inspected, reconditioned and approved by a BMW inspection team of BMW trained technicians, Service Managers and Pre-Owned Managers. This ensures that your BMW Certified vehicle delivers the genuine Ultimate Driving Machine® experience you demand.

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Is a retired courtesy loaner the right vehicle for you?

This category of cars is the most sought-after type of vehicle we currently offer, providing the best return on value for your money. Retired loaner cars are vehicles we lend to our customers that bring their vehicles in for service, use for a short period of time, are inspected and serviced upon return, and go through a similar checklist prior to being offered for sale again. In most cases these cars are available for lease, are included in our manager’s specials, or have additional purchase incentives

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