The BMW 330e is everything you want in a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

May 20th, 2020 by

The new BMW 330e plug-in hybrid is everything you want in an electric vehicle, and within reach for every driver. It’s the best of both worlds, building off the 330 sedan icon with electrified enhancements. With almost 300hp and a 0-60 that clocks in at just 5.6 seconds, it sets the new standard for extended range and TwinPower Turbo, comparably sitting alongside the Tesla 3 series and Audi e-tron, at a fraction of the cost. 

The BMW 330e is a plug-in electric hybrid sedan for everyone.

What really sets the new 2020 BMW 330e apart from the crowded hybrid electric vehicle field is that it is truly the first luxury hybrid EV for everyone. Starting at under $45,000 before rebates (up to $5836 in Federal Tax Credits), it is tens of thousands below a comparably equipped Tesla and almost half what you would pay for an Audi e-tron. That coupled with the fact that it is just $6000 less than the highest trim Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, you begin to see the picture quite clearly: this car is for everyone, and you can see yourself in it.

We know that one of the best in-town commuters is the new 2020 MINI SE. One of the benefits of being a dealership that sells both MINI and BMW on the same property is that we have an opportunity to drive all of our vehicles, and get to know each model and trim intimately. While we love the new MINI SE, it’s not on the same level as the new 2020 330e. The 330e has more room, more features, more power, is available in both sDrive rear-wheel drive and intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive, with a longer range that is almost double the previous generation. Sure, the SE is great for downtown Escondido driving, but the 330e will do the same, with more flair, and get you to downtown San Diego and back, just in time for you to load up the family and hit Carlsbad for a walk on the beach. 

The new BMW 330e is your family’s next BMW sedan.

It’s the family sedan that your kids will love to sit in, the one you enjoy driving, and the one everyone enjoys skipping traffic while in the HOV lane. It’s as fast or faster than models twice its price, better equipped than the competition, and almost the same price as other hybrids that you wouldn’t want to drive. Once you add in tax incentives at the federal and state level, you can drive off the lot in the sedan you always wanted, at a price that makes you breathe easier, that will last until your young ones are old enough to take the keys from you.

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