The BMW XB7 Alpina SAV

April 9th, 2021 by

The BMW XB7 Alpina is BMW’s premiere luxury SAV with exclusive details, extraordinary performance, and expressive style. 

It’s also the most exhilarating ride we’ve ever had come through our doors. Sure, the 8 Series is an impressively smooth ride and the classic M5 is everybody’s go-to tuned sports car from BMW, but what the XB7 Alpina does is on a whole other level. It’s not just the craftsmanship or the raw power, it’s the complete vibe this SAV is putting off. 

This thing is fast! 

While it looks cool on paper to have a large SAV go 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds, it’s different when your passenger gets their head thrown back into the headrest and they drop their food in their lap. The stock 612 horsepower and 590 lbs. ft . @ 2,000 rpm torque is enough to make a grown man feel like a kid again, racing Mario Andretti in their race car bed. The tires jump off the line as you grip the steering wheel with excitement, yet the stability this ride produces has you floating with the greatest of ease, absolutely crushing the Mercedes GLS 63, pound for pound. There’s just quite literally, nothing else like it. So while the BMW X7 is everything you want and need in a large SAV, the XB7 is everything else you never knew you wanted in a car.

It’s so much more than speed.

While its speed and torque is certainly drool worthy, what sets this above everything else in its field is the fact that it does it with ease. You don’t need a roaring engine or blasting tailpipes to make noise; the XB7 Alpina makes plenty of it just by getting you there fast and smooth. It’s like a classic Cadillac floating on clouds. It seems like there are only two real options for drivers out there: get there fast, or get there smooth. What the Alpina does is get you there how you want; in style. You want to go fast, but you want to take the kids and dog with you. You want to load it up with surfboards and food for the day in the cargo space. You want to bring friends or family, and you want to relax the entire ride. With the XB7, you get to do all that, with a smile. 

The BMW XB7 Alpina is so much more than just BMW’s premiere luxury SAV with exclusive details, extraordinary performance, and expressive style. It’s our favorite vehicle to get you from point A to point B with a smile on your face and without a care in the world. It’s just fun. So fun, you’ve got to come down and check this thing out and drive it yourself. 

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