Where do you get your BMW news?

September 4th, 2020 by

Most of us here are gearheads with an unhealthy obsession with the latest news and gossip about BMW. While there are dozens of high quality blogs (including ours), email newsletters, and even in-house BMW USA News, we wanted to share with you where we go when we want to learn more. Take a look at our favorites, and if you have a favorite resource you would like to share with us, then let us know by replying in the comments below. 

BMW Press Club is the official news published by BMW Group.

This is where you get the most in-depth and current news about all things BMW. While the most current news starts off here, it also incorporates everything under the BMW brand including MINI, Rolls-Royce, Motorrad and more. So if you’re looking for a focused news resource just for your BMW vehicles, this is not the place for you; but perhaps the other resources here fit the bill. We like it because it’s always current, it drops some bombshells before everyone else, and there’s great photography that sets your mind wandering about your next car or journey. Bonus: If you’re needing a new wallpaper or just want to see the merge of art and cars. 

Bimmerpost is a fanboy forum we love to come back to.

More of a fanboy forum than a true blog, you can get into the weeds rather quickly. If you’ve ever visited a website just for the comments, this one is perfect. Bring popcorn and enjoy the lively and occasionally technical debates about new model releases, what’s good and bad about your favorite series, and that grill people can’t stop talking about.

Bimmerfile is the resource we share with our friends.

Bimmerfile was created in 2001 and then launched well with an official blog in 2003. It’s a well-crafted mix of personal reviews, rumors , and brand highlights. While most BMW blog sites are written with unabashed bias, Gabriel Bridger mans the helm with a bit more honesty in his reviews. His dad owned a BMW 2002tii during his childhood, and as he watched BMW and Rover join forces to produce MINI around 2000 he became a permanent advocate. For someone with another day job and a busy personal life, the Bimmerfile and Motoringfile following is a true labor of love and worth checking out often. 

When we shot our most recent series on the new 2020 BMW X3, we took a different angle and asked a question, “ What if we stopped selling the X3 and started showing the X3?” We felt like the X3 could sell itself if people could just see themselves in it; and that’s exactly what happened. People began to see the X3 as their personal car, the car they enjoy life with their family; the car that belongs in North County San Diego. Bimmerfile and Gabriel are doing things just like this. That’s why you will see a complete series on the upcoming All Electric BMW IX3, including breaking news that the US will not be seeing the IX3 in their market. It’s the resource meant for you, because it’s written by someone who is just like you.

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