10 Ways to Stay Safe and Sane During a Crisis

April 23rd, 2020 by

Just because you are on lockdown, doesn’t mean you need to stop being you. It’s easy to lose yourself in a crisis, and while we are a car dealership, we are humans just like you. So maybe what we can do now is shelf the luxury vehicle talk for a moment and help share with you how we are helping our employees, families, and friends stay sane during crisis. 

Ten ways to stay safe and sane during a crisis. 

These ten ways will help you retain your identity, bond with your family, and expand your viewpoint as someone who is growing through crisis along your community. What you will notice is that the list is not singular; it is focused on you as an individual, your partner, your family, and your community. Crisis is not something we get through alone, and this list should not be something that focuses just on you. As you think about the ten ways to stay safe and sane, reflect on how this impacts you as well as those around you. 

  1. Pack a Picnic. While the seawall in Carlsbad may be closed off right now, you can still pack a picnic and find a vista viewpoint to park and eat for a while. The waves will help you reset, and the change of scenery will breathe new life into you. 
  2. Take a Walk in the Neighborhood. One of the greatest benefits we have living in San Diego is the fact the weather is almost always conducive to outdoor activities. There are plenty of trails and neighborhoods to walk through without fear of exposure, thus enabling you to stay active and healthy instead of sedentary and scared. 
  3. Date Night. Crisis doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t deserve or need a date. Maybe take this a step further, and think about how you can support a local business with your night alone. Stop by Pita’s Medditeranean Grill to pick up the best meal in San Marcos, then drive two miles away to Stone Brewery and use their touchless ordering system to grab a six pack or growler. Both ways help keep funds in the local economy and less stress for families that depend on your eating out to put their own food on their tables. 
  4. Make Masks to Donate. Dust off the sewing machine, download the mask pattern from the New York Times, and knock out a dozen masks to donate to a local charity. If you do not know of a local charity that is accepting them, you can always donate them to North Coast Church and they will make sure it gets to the people that need them. 
  5. Adopt a Shelter Animal. Loneliness is literally a killer, and there are many pets that are waiting for their forever home. Think about how you can make an addition to your family and create a healthier mental space for your family during crisis, as well as after. If you are looking for a pet, think about the San Diego Humane Society, as all of their adoptions are started completely online. 
  6. Start (and Finish) a Home Project. While there are a multitude of projects you can do as a family, the best one we can recommend is building a raised garden bed. A raised bed will give you a project you know you can complete, one that the entire family can be involved in, produce fruit, vegetables, and herbs for your family (saving unneeded trips to the grocery store), and create a new space in your yard that can bring joy to your lives as it grows. 
  7. Zoom Game Day with Friends and Family. While physical distancing is mandatory, gathering with friends and family is difficult. However, it does not need to be impossible. Download Zoom, invite your friends, and enjoy a virtual game night while enjoying your favorite drinks. 
  8. Build the LEGO Deathstar. LEGOs are timeless, and the LEGO Deathstar is the penultimate LEGO adventure. While some kits can be completed in a few minutes or hours, this kit is one that will take your family days or weeks to complete. If you have the time, then why not use it to bond over building, and share the process online with your contacts? 
  9. Learn a New Skill through Skillshare. Start with their free plan and then upgrade to a paid plan if you get hooked into something. It’s simple to use on your phone, no or low cost, keeps you entertained, and can help you learn a new skill that could become invaluable once you return to work. 
  10. Drive. We are a car dealership, afterall. But this is so much more than that; this is about loading up the car with your family and getting out of your bubble. There is freedom on the road, and while we are cooped up keeping others safe, it doesn’t mean we need to stay there. It’s good and healthy to practice social distancing from the comfort of your car with the windows rolled down, listening to your favorite artist, and seeing the world around you. 

MINI of Escondido and BMW of Escondido have taken steps to reduce your risk, so you can stay safe and sane during a crisis. We are able to pick up and drop off your vehicles within 20 miles of the dealership, we whiteglove the entire process, our technicians are gloved and masked the entire day, and your car or SUV is returned sanitized. Your family should stay safer than your car, so we are helping you keep it that way, so you can get back on the road with peace of mind. 

Our sales departments remain open during this time, though the process has changed. While BMW USA and MINI USA have both opened up a 90 day payment deferment program, we have moved our sales process completely online. That means you can start the sales process from the comfort of your home and complete paperwork when we deliver your new car to you (masked and gloved, of course). 

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