Never go to another dealership again?

February 4th, 2021 by

BMW of Escondido provides a better experience than Vroom or any other online dealership that states, “Never go to another dealership again.”

We don’t look down on other dealerships. As a family owned and operated dealership, we are principled in the fact that everyone deserves respect and is equally valued. When we see content online that drags one of our own, we pay attention, but often just let it ride. The last thing anyone wants or needs is to add fuel to a growing fire. But when Vroom decided to drag the entire auto industry and the used cars industry, we wondered why. 

Why would they want to throw hard working Americans under the bus? Why would they typecast a failed stereotype? Why would they push on the most negative aspects of car buying, as if the worst experience at a dealership is the only experience you could have? The answer is simple: money. It’s not about an experience with Vroom; it’s about money. It’s about reducing overhead to pass on savings. But is it really savings? Let’s talk about that. 

Ten Reasons Why BMW of Escondido is a Better Dealership

We want to take a comprehensive look at what makes BMW of Escondido unique, so you can see the distinctions between us and Vroom, and then make wise decisions about your future vehicle. 

  1. Every used BMW is inspected by a certified technician at our Service Center.
  2. We know our cars, because we sell hundreds a month and service 15,000 a year.
  3. We are the highest rated dealership in San Diego, because people trust us.
  4. We’ve had an Online Virtual Showroom for a long time, so you can buy from home.
  5. Our Finance Center will help secure your best loan, without coming to the dealership. 
  6. You can complete the entire documentation process from the comfort of your couch. 
  7. If you have a trade, you can value your trade and redeem your Official KBB Offer.
  8. Our large and growing BMW used inventory has every model you’re looking for.
  9. Only a BMW dealership can sell Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, as they undergo a rigorous certification process. 
  10. People. If you want to start and end your purchase process completely online, then our dealership allows you to do just that. But we are about people. We love our clients. Most become lifelong friends and a part of our Brecht family. At the end of the day, we value people more than anything else, and you just can’t get that from an online-only retailer like Vroom.

Are we better than Vroom? 

Yes. While this is not an attack article, we felt like we had to speak up for other BMW dealerships–the entire auto industry–because the Superbowl Ad was just plain wrong and dehumanizing to absolutely everything we stand for. But if you’re looking for proof more than feelings, take a look at our score on DealerRater and then check out Vroom. The proof is in the pudding.

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