The Future is Fun

February 19th, 2021 by

BMW is changing the future as the leading electric car maker in America and around the world. 

While names like Rivian and Tesla are the most often discussed electric car makers, BMW has rapidly increased electric availability in their current models in order to meet their goal of a complete electric lineup by 2025. While no one will argue that Tesla is absolutely tearing it up, there is a stark difference in the Tesla experience and what BMW provides. From the local experience with a dealership you can trust, to cars that feel like cars and not floating boxes, BMW has created a brand on-demand; cars that you want to drive because they’re fun and affordable, spirited and green. 

Did you see that new iX release?

You’re most likely familiar with the compact and sporty BMW i3 and fast as lightning coupe and convertible BMW i8. You have probably even heard about the upcoming BMW i4 (it’s the one we get asked about the most). But have you seen or heard about the new BMW iX model? 

The BMW iX is absolutely fire! 

Think BMW X5 in an all-electric package. It’s refinement to the max, with green everything: sustainable materials, electric motors, and outstanding 300 plus mile range. While Cadillac is pushing for an all-electric future in the US by 2025, we’re already there! We’ve got small, fast, an upcoming midsize, and now a 2 wheel and all wheel drive SAV in the iX. This is just the beginning! 

The future is so, so fun! 

We know that electric is not the future, but the responsible way forward starting now. But because BMW is a car brand, we know that this future has to be fun. We cannot sacrifice who we are to the detriment of the driver. So expect the new BMW iX to be the daily driver SAV that you just can’t want to plug in every night and go for a weekend drive to Big Bear. It’s got the space, the range, and drive you’ve been patiently waiting for!

“This is the all-new iX – a fully electric SUV/SAV by BMW. I love how they’re bringing more crystal features into series production cars. This car really represents BMW’s launch in to fully electric cars. By 2023, they’ll have over 13 fully electric cars on the market!” – Supercar Blondie

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