Three Reasons to Lease Your New Car from BMW of Escondido

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Are you one of the 30% of all Americans who make the decision every year to lease their vehicle, compared to purchasing a car or SUV outright or with payments? If you are, then you probably have questions about whether you should lease again or purchase, what to do with your current vehicle, and how to make the right decision for your next car. You are not alone in this process. BMW of Escondido has been the leading San Diego BMW dealer for leases. From trade-ins to new cars, we will work with you to create the right path forward for your new leased car or SUV. 

Three Reasons Your Friends Lease with BMW of Escondido

  1. It’s easy for you to trade up your current car. Driving a BMW gives you the feeling that you’ve made it and accomplished goals. Maybe you just graduated college, moved to San Diego, or your business is starting to take off. Trade up into your dream model and keep your car fresh, and enjoy each drive to the fullest whether you’re listening to your favorite podcast for the commute or exploring coastlines on your time off.
  2. We have competitive offers for all our vehicle models. When you’re shopping for a new luxury car, you’ll likely check out BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the drive of each, but be sure to drive your choice BMW before making a decision. During your visit we will present you with the very best offers and we promise you’ll be happily surprised with the comparative cost of ownership. 
  3. No matter where you leased your last BMW, our lease return department will accept it. Our dealership accepts lease returns from all over San Diego County. We even have customers returning their cars to us from Los Angeles. Why; it’s simple — we live the promise of a simple return, flexible appointments, and don’t care if you purchased the vehicle from us or not. Other dealers will only accept returns if you purchased the car from them, but the reality is all BMW drivers are an integral part of our family.

You Will Drive Away Smiling

We’ve set everything up to provide a simple online shopping experience, from evaluating your trade-in to fine-tuning your lease payments. We even made a guide that walks you through the process of returning your current vehicle that walks you through four critical components for returning your lease, including your scheduled maintenance record, mileage allotment, keys and equipment check, and your lease pre-inspection, including the BMW Ding-O-Meter. 

When you set an appointment with us for a test drive on a new car lease, our white glove lease specialists will stack the deck in your favor. We inspect the car to make sure it’s clean, is charged and/or fueled properly, and is parked in the shade so it’s cool for you to drive. There’s nothing worse than getting to a dealership and the car not being there for you — we’ve heard the stories and committed to not letting that happen. We’re all about you and your happiness. That’s why a significant portion of our business is return business. When we say you’re family, we actually mean it. 

We Want to Help You into a New BMW

We believe a leased BMW car or SUV gives you the best opportunity to drive your best life. When you compare it to other luxury brands, nothing really compares to the smooth ride, high end performance, or spirited ride. While Lexus provides a close comparison for leasing, US News agrees that the BMW is superior in almost every way and the Car Connection only affirms that decision. Putting all of that aside, what do comparable lease vehicles and payments look like when you compare Lexus to BMW. 

  • A Lexus IS300 will cost you $4422 due at signing and $438 a month for a term of 36 months with very good credit, while the BMW 330i will cost $486 a month for the same term but only $3814 at signing. Add in the $2000 BMW Loyalty Lease / APR Credit, and you end up driving a better car for a lower payment. 
  • The Lexus GX 460 will cost $6103 at signing and $628 a month for 36 months, while the BMW X5 xDrive40i will run you $5951 at signing and $748 a month for the same term. Lexus does not offer a loyalty lease program, so the BMW savings would drop your payment near $700 a month. 
  • If you start looking at hybrid vehicles, the difference between BMW and Lexus becomes a lot more clear. A new Lexus RX450H cost $5645 at signing and $594 a month, with no loyalty offer, while the new BMW X3 xDrive30e all-wheel drive will run $5103 at signing and $644 a month, not including our generous $1000 BMW Loyalty Lease / APR Credit. 

The majority of car review sites say driving a new BMW is a better option than one from Lexus. Looking at the cost differential between BMW and Lexus will show you that choosing a BMW is the more fiscally responsible choice. So the decision on when to trade-in your current car, what to do with your new lease, and where to put your money is really a decision you have to make on your own. We think we offer you the most for your money, with a far superior ride that will put a smile on your face and money in your pocket. We hope to prove it to you, when you schedule an appointment to test drive your new lease at BMW of Escondido today. 

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