Three reasons why our Virtual Showroom works for people and two reasons why they love it. 

February 10th, 2021 by

Our Virtual Showroom works well for people because it allows the purchase process to move into a client’s home on their terms, in their time, for their perfect vehicle. 

While Covid has certainly introduced new obstacles for our dealership, it has also presented new opportunities for us to continue to cater to our growing digital market. In 2020 we reconsidered the entire purchase process for our clients and met their needs online in our Virtual Showroom. We created a single point of contact online where someone could browse new cars, get an inside look on a new SUV with a client advisor at the dealership with a video call, and work out all the paperwork needed with our virtual finance managers. This allowed us to meet our audience where they were at, so we can move forward with health and safety being the main metric. 

But we also found that this worked for a lot more of our clients than just those wanting to follow health and safety guidelines put forward by local and state governments. Our Virtual Showroom worked well for the majority of our audience who wanted to do the vast majority of their research online, so they could complete the last few steps of the process in person. So what started out as a way to meet a new need in a weird time in history, morphed into a way we can serve all our customers moving forward. 

Three reasons why our Virtual Showroom works for People. 

Since we developed our Virtual Showroom, we saw other local car dealerships follow suit. We saw more ad spend from virtual dealerships like Carvana and Vroom, who saw a niche in the market for those who wanted a simpler car purchase process; completely online. While we are not only a Virtual Showroom or online only retailer, we do want to continue to serve our clients well and on their terms. Here are the three main reasons why our Virtual Showroom works. 

  1. Our Virtual Showroom allows people to purchase at their own pace.
  2. Our Virtual Showroom helps people process each step of the purchase process.
  3. Our Virtual Showroom is 100% hands-free until we hand you the keys.

We work for people because we meet them on their level and on their terms. It’s not about driving sales, but rather connecting with clients to understand their wants and needs, so they can drive away in their perfect car. Our Virtual Showroom allows you to do just that, in a way that will stay relevant for years to come. 

Two reasons why people love our Virtual Showroom. 

But it’s more than meeting people where they are at, it’s about helping them drive away with a smile on their face. This will not happen without that personal touch. That’s unique to our family owned and operated dealership, and something that sets us apart. In that light, here are two reasons why people love our Virtual Showroom. 

  1. Our Virtual Showroom is an extension of our in-person showroom.
  2. Our Virtual Showroom is all about people, just like our dealership.

Really, it’s taking the reasons HOW our Virtual Showroom works for our customers and making it relatable through the WHY. It always comes down to why for us, and the reason why is simple: our people. Our people are better trained, more relatable, and better prepared to meet the needs of the modern consumer. That’s why when we pair our online only Virtual Showroom with our in-person client advisors, it just works. You’re getting real people, with real knowledge and expertise, ready to serve you the best they know how. And because of this, our Virtual Showroom continues to grow and serve more of our customers throughout Escondido and San Diego county. 

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