Four Ways the BMW X5 Protects Your Family, and Your Way of Life

September 23rd, 2019 by

I’ve always gravitated toward cars with unique and powerful designs. I loved the red interior of my grandfather’s silver Z8 and the fluid movements of him shifting gears, or James Bond speeding the Aston Martin DB9 on the big screen, or seeing the beautiful Porsche 917K on Amazon’s The Grand Tour. All sexy coupes and sedans. But once you become a dad, your view of cars changes. You don’t stop loving design, but you do start searching for space in the trunk, rearranging reusable grocery bags in the trunk to fit strollers and beach towels. All along you want something with presence. 

The BMW X5 is more than a car; it’s what keeps my family safe.

Two years ago my mom and sister were stopped at a red light. It was a wet autumn afternoon, and the driver of a lifted red truck with a ranch-hand bullnose slammed into the back of their X5 at more than fifty miles an hour. 31% of Americans have been directly affected by the consequences of distracted driving, and that is exactly what happened here. In an all too typical story, the driver was staring at his phone and didn’t notice the light had changed red. As the rear windshield shattered and the X5 was sent spinning into the middle intersection, my mom and sister were thrown into their seatbelts, every airbag went off, and the crash-activated headrest popped forward. Somehow my sister stayed alert, running to the driver’s side of the now crumpled SUV, and moved my mom to safety. Both in complete shock, but still very much alive. Statistics may not sway your opinion, but I can tell you from personal experience, that this dramatic life event has set my feet in stone: my mom’s car saved her life, and the life of my sister, that day from a reckless and distracted driver. For this reason, I am forever grateful and in debt to BMW.

Two years later, the newly redesigned BMW X5 is still just as safe, but it’s more refined and popular than ever. With its always hungry for more engine and sleek lines and finish, the X5 is quickly cementing its place in our hearts and in the hands of our audience. 

The xDrive50i is a family car you can be proud to drive around town.

The first time I took the new model out for a test drive, I didn’t want to bring it back. I wanted to go home, load up the family, and take the windy roads from downtown Escondido to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. With windows rolled down and the breeze in our face, we’d arrive just in time to see the sun set and finally take a breath. Our long week would melt away and for the first time in five days, we could just be … ourselves. No stress, no hurry; just the family we were meant to be. 

At its core, the X5 is a family car. There’s enough room inside for everyone to be comfortable, the seats are great for either sitting in constant San Diego traffic, or making a late night drive to the pharmacy for medicine to help the sick kiddos. With optional 3rd row seats, it’s great for carpooling your kids or making sure they have space between them on those longer holiday road trips. Drop your sports gear in the trunk, add roof racks for your surfboards, and tow 7,200 lbs worth of jet skis and bikes with your class 3 hitch; there really are no limits. 

SUVs are hot right now, but the X5 is the hottest and has been since it rolled off the line in 1999.

When the X5 first rolled off the assembly line in 1999, it represented the very first Sports Activity Vehicle. It was developed when BMW owned Land Rover, so much of the then-advanced leading off-road and safety we take for granted, was built in at day one. Since then, it has undergone two additional designs and grown in popularity leading up to the fourth generation in 2019. Plus, it’s built at the Spartanburg Plant in South Carolina (every BMW SUV is made there), so we ride with pride that it’s not just a BMW, but a BMW made in America.  

The X5 isn’t the most popular BMW model just because SUVs are hot right now. Like Goldilocks looking for the perfect porridge, the X5 is “just right” for the majority of SUV buyers. It is more customizable and offers more room than the X3, it’s less expensive and offers more room for less cost than the X7; it’s just right. And with gas the cheapest it has been in years, the X5 looks even better with its average 26 miles to the gallon on the highway.

A quick note of comparison on the other SUVs in the class. With the Q7, Audi made moves to even the score with the X5, and they have done a fine job in most respects. Third row seating is standard, the interior is simplified from the last generation, and it has just a little less interior space than the X5. The biggest difference is in the power. When you throttle the Q7 the 330 ft-lb of torque answers back at a late 2900 rpm instead of 1500 rpm. This means you wait longer just to get moving. Mercedes takes a different approach with their SUV compared to Audi and BMW. The 2020 GLE 450 boasts an airbrushed feel on the road– you simply won’t notice the pothole you hit. The steering is where the GLE misses out, bringing a lot more roll on the corners, feeling out of balance. It feels remote controlled, with oversteer and slower pedal response. All this to say, you will want to drive them all back-to-back-to-back if you want to make a day of it, and save your X5 drive and review for last so you don’t spoil dessert.

BMW promises to be the Ultimate Driving Machine. The G05 generation X5 comes with either the V6 3L B58 engine or V8 N63 engine (the B57 inline-6 turbo-diesel is available for you lucky European owners). Horsepower ranges from 330 in the V6, 456 in the V8, and the soon to be released M is expected to have 617 on tap. I can’t wait to release the M at the Thermal Racetrack in Palm Springs one of these coming months. The last 2018 X5M was a beast on the track and handled like an M3 around the corners, and was neck and neck with the M3 on the straightaways. 

It’s not just the perfect car, it’s the perfect car for you.

When you’re shopping for an X5, BMW offers incentive programs customized just for you. Loyalty programs make it easy to make the X5 your next BMW, there are conquest offers so you can step into one easily for the first time, corporate rebates so your employer can help you save, USAA and military offers, and there’s also a vehicle rebate offered exclusively through the BMW Car Club of America (we directly support the San Diego Chapter). We believe that if you have a BMW, you need to know that there are many like-minded owners that love sharing their time and wealth of knowledge with you, and that as a supporter of all BMW drivers in the county we lead the charge in service. Ask about our rebates when you meet one of our team members in person, and they will get you into the right option. 

The BMW X5 is not just the perfect car; it’s the perfect car for you. The X5 is within reach. It’s the luxury performance SUV all the others are playing catch up to. It’s built for you, fits your family, and works to protect the life you’ve worked hard to build. Load up your family today, enjoy the journey tomorrow, and the fullness of future roads ahead.

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