Our Employee Spotlight is on Frank Garcia

November 3rd, 2020 by

Frank Garcia initially chose to work at BMW of Escondido for its brand recognition within the automotive industry but stayed for the company culture. Because we are family owned and operated, we have an opportunity to create a culture that emphasizes the value of every employee as a critical member of the BMW family. As a Client Sales Advisor, Frank leans into this value every day, from the moment he walks through the doors and greets his coworkers, to how he treats walk-ins who want to test drive the newest M Series. We recently sat down with Frank to shoot a video about being a veteran in car sales in North County, but we also asked a few questions to be featured here in our employee spotlight. We value Frank, his hard-driving work ethic, and how he is a model employee that others can aspire to emulate. 

Why have you chosen a career at BMW of Escondido? 

“BMW of Escondido is supportive of new ideas from their team members, and demonstrates an attitude of hard work and dedication to a clients needs. The leadership of the company is involved with their team each day and takes the time to give their undivided attention to an issue and address their concerns in a prompt and timely manner.” 

If you are looking for a company that cares for you as a person and a management team that will support your growth and development as an employee, then apply for a position with our team to find your new career. Not only will it grow you, you will have fun while working

How does working here help you achieve your life goals? 

“Working with BMW and MINI of Escondido has helped me find balance between work and family life. Because we work hard as a team, I am able to create the flexibility I need to enjoy special moments and events with my family. I have worked in previous environments where I missed birthdays and sporting events with my kids. That will never happen here, because BMW of Escondido places an emphasis on being with family during these special times. Work is second to family, and that makes me smile.”

Frank has been at our dealership for a long time. He’s won awards and accolades, been elevated as a team member and had his name recognized before hundreds of our employees. He sets a standard others can follow, at work, and at home. These are the kinds of people we love working beside, but also the kind of people we like doing life with; other-focused, with a job being seen as central, but supportive of our life’s goals. 

“I truly appreciate working with our Management Team. They are always looking for our input to help the company out and encourage us to find new ways to help a client with a car. They challenge our old habits and constantly require us to learn new ways to improve as an Automotive Sales Professional.”

What do you find unique working here? 

“Have you ever seen the owners of a dealership out washing cars to help the Sales Team? You may be laughing, but this is one of the most real things I see on a regular basis. We really are a connected bunch of BMW fans, even with the Sales Team working with Service to help move cars from one building to the next. It’s been heartwarming to see management dedicating time to help a team member with a personal or professional issue at any time of the day. From top down, we truly have a company culture of, “Lets roll up our sleeves and help. My fellow team members bring me joy. We spend more time with them consistently than our own family and it’s nice to work in an environment where everyone has the same goal.”

We write these employee spotlights because we want to make sure we recognize those that are helping us achieve our shared goals. While Frank is certainly doing this, we did not expect him to be so affirming of our daily actions. Sure, we are working hard every day to make sure people feel this way, but to hear someone express their views out loud in a way that makes us smile was unexpected. It shows us that we are doing things right, but more importantly that we need to keep doing things right to maintain this degree of excellence. 

We asked Frank if he had any last words before we wrapped up this short interview and he simply said this, “We are a family business and our family is at the heart of our Business. We want you to be a part of our Family! Start looking for a new job and find your next career position here at BMW of Escondido.”

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