Top Five Articles on BMW of Escondido in 2021

BMW of Escondido continues to deliver industry-leading insight, never before seen behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive pre-release access for our valued BMW clients. 

We aim to consistently bring value to our BMW clients, and our content continues to deliver. We’ve never been just about selling cars; we’ve been about building relationships with clients that keep them coming back for more. It’s the reason why our family owned and operated dealership is at the forefront of all BMW dealers across the country and state, why our service center is the highest volume and highest rated in San Diego, and why the majority of our vehicles are sold before they ever see our lot. We know our customers, we know what cars and SAVs they want, and we know how to get it to them the right way on their terms.

But this is about you, isn’t it? This article is about what has helped YOU the most this past year and what has helped set us apart from the rest of the dealers here in Escondido and really, from the rest of the BMW dealers in Southern California. 

How to Track Your Custom BMW Order is Our Most Popular Post

More than 40,000 of you learned how to track your custom BMW order with BMW of Escondido, and more than 4,000 watched the process on YouTube (and that doesn’t count the thousands of you who watched on Facebook). In just eight simple steps, you can track your custom order’s progress, receive important information about the build, and communicate with your BMW client advisor so you know when to pick up your new vehicles

Caring for Your Car’s Tires are Critical in San Diego

Tires are expensive, and when you have a premium luxury vehicle like BMW, they can run you thousands of dollars every time you swap them out. Knowing your BMW recommended tire pressure will help you understand their importance and understanding how to maintain your tires will help ease the financial burden as well as help extend the life of your tire. This post not only helped you learn the basics, but how to care for your care on your own. It’s just one more way we can partner with you over the life of your vehicle. 

Everyone Hates BMW Warning Lights

While we all hate warning lights, we truly appreciate what they can tell us about our vehicle. When we revised our BMW Warning Lights guide to help you understand what they mean and included a handy PDF download (like a cheat sheet), we received emails thanking us. It’s hard to imagine that a resource like this didn’t exist before ours, but to the best of our knowledge we were the first, and we are happy this post has helped out so many of you over the past few years. In addition to the BMW warning lights guide, we decided MINI needed some action, so we built out a MINI Cooper Warning Lights guide for them as well

Should You Lease or Buy a BMW?

Whether you decide to buy or lease a new BMW car or SAV, we have your next vehicle at BMW of Escondido. While our finance team will sort out the right monthly payment for you, we want to make sure you are cared for before you arrive at the dealer with your current lease vehicle. You can now schedule an appointment online for your lease return, and know exactly what to do in our helpful article, “Four Things You Can’t Forget When Turning in Your BMW Lease.” These four things include your scheduled maintenance paperwork, mileage, keys and original equipment, and your complete lease pre-inspection. Knowing and completing these four things will help you process your return and get you back into your new or leased BMW as soon as possible. 

It’s Our Electric Car Focus That Sets Us Clearly In Front

The future is fun at BMW, and if you have seen the new BMW iX and the new BMW i4, you clearly see it now too! Within a matter of weeks, BMW of Escondido became the highest volume BMW iX and BMW i4 pre-order dealership in San Diego, was in the top three in the state, and within the top five in the country. Every time BMW would release a new batch of pre-orders, our clients would snatch them up before they sold out and keep us at the top of all pre-orders in the U.S. Why? Well, we understood that their focus is on electric vehicles, just like ours is, so we moved them to the front of the line every time with our email newsletter. Nothing pleased them as much as when we got a behind the scenes tour of the electric lineup in San Diego at the Ultimate Driving Experience. If you haven’t seen the BMW iX or BMW i4 in action, you should watch that video and then see the electric incentives for yourself. We are convinced that the majority of our customers will have at least one electric vehicle in their home before 2025, so now is the time for you to act on it. 


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